(2015/16/17) The Point of Circles: 7 Circles

In 2004 I developed the concept for a story called “The Point of Circles”. A tale revolving around futuristic drug dealers who sold a mind altering substance on the streets. The ‘point of circles’ being what their job entailed (going around in circles, always leading back to where they started.) In 2006, a friend, Tom Cassady wrote a large script for a graphic novel based on my idea. The story was called “The Point of Circles: 7 Circles”. I drew concept artwork for the project but never completed what I started. Years later in 2012, I¬†resurrected the project in the form of a short film, based on my own take of the story. The film was called “The Point of Circles” and can be found in the videos section of this website. It actually starred both myself and Tom as experience dealers (circles). Then in 2014 I decided to start work on the graphic novel project again. I completed the pencil artwork for the story Tom wrote in 2006. And now I am inking and editing the artwork which will be uploaded here when finished; hopefully being printed in graphic novel form when complete.

Please click on the thumbnails below to view the work so far.

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