(2007) Untitled game project

In 2007 I was hired by computer games development company Eurocom Entertainment. Eurocom hired me to work on pre-production storyboards for the cut-scenes in a computer game they were developing for SONY Entertainment. Being a fan of computer games I thoroughly enjoyed the work and the new challenges that it presented to me and my work. After I completed this work, Eurocom hired me as a junior animator working with the cut-scene animation team for an 8 month period at Eurocom in Derby.

Below is the work I completed for Eurocom.  I drew two versions of the work required by the company. The first set of storyboards contains alternate versions of shots. Below, these two sets cut-scenes are separated by a colour map I drew of the scenes location. The second set of storyboards include camera directions to be used by the animators. My job, eventually, was to animate the cameras myself using 3D Max at Eurocom.

Please click on the thumbnails below to view a selection of the images.